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ECA offers a wide variety of Pre-Construction Services.

ECA offers a wide variety of Pre-Construction Services based on the needs of our clients. Conceptual budgeting, estimating, value engineering, quality assurance and construct ability are determined by our design team that works with you.

Construction Management

At ECA we strive to upgrade your productivity without slowing you down in the process.

In addition to "fast-track" design/build capabilities, ECA offers Construction Management and Consulting Services for commercial and industrial clients. At ECA we strive to upgrade your productivity without slowing you down in the process.

Plan & Spec

ECA is continually exploring the needs of the future.

Working from generic designs, ECA can coordinate with specialty vendors to complete several complex systems, which fully integrate into a complete project.


ECA keeps your company running with our service department.

Long after the initial project is completed, ECA remains committed to helping our clients meet the ongoing challenges and requirements of keeping newly constructed or renovated facilities running smoothly.

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ECA has long enjoyed a reputation for technical excellence.

As project schedules become shorter, and demands for cross-discipline solutions become greater, ECA has responded by adding full-time professional engineering to its list of in-house capabilities. Our technical expertise and engineering capabilities can keep pace with your changing needs and keep the project moving forward.


Time savings translate into lower cost and earlier facility utilization for our clients.

Design-build is the ideal format to utilize "fast track" construction techniques: procuring materials, equipment, and beginning construction work prior to design documentation completion. Time savings translate into lower cost and earlier facility utilization for you our client.


ECA builds in Industrial.

Financial strength and a commitment to build with integrity have allowed ECA to complete projects totaling hundreds of millions of dollars for industrial manufacturers, as well as power and refinery facilities nationwide. With technical expertise backed with manpower to handle massive projects, customers can harness one of the most powerful forces in the electrical industry to reach their goals.

Power Generation

ECA builds in Power Generation.

ECA keeps the lights on with the work we do for power plants around the country. When it comes to your power plant we will take the time to get the job completed on time and on budget for you and your customers.

Manufacturing Process

ECA builds in Manufacturing Process.

Incorporating the latest in technology, including fiber optics and local area network cabling, ECA can install power, control and instrumentation for converts, ovens, spray booths, robotics and other high-end automated equipment. ECA has the resources to work around the clock at plants across the U.S. to complete every installation on time so new models roll out on schedule.

Institutional Commercial.

ECA builds in Institutional and Commercial.

ECA offers a full range of services including construction management and consulting for schools, hospitals, and commercial construction and remodeling. Regardless of your project's size we offer competitive pricing and cost effective solutions to help public and private institutions succeed.

Public Works

ECA works for your community.

With competitive bidding, skilled manpower and the ability to mobilize people and equipment on demand anywhere in the U.S., ECA has been involved in numerous public works projects around the country. ECA has helped build your community to what it is today.

Voice Data

ECA keeps your office working.

ECA provides our clients with a single source for all of their electrical and telecommunications needs. With a wide range of voice and data services ranging from phone systems, computer networks, fire alarm, security, audio/visual systems, ECA is equipped to offer the right solutions for your project.

Electrical Testing And Preventative Maintenance

ECA keeps your equipment working with TEGG.

ECA is your exclusive provider of TEGG Service in the Kansas City and surrounding areas. Through preventative and predictive testing, we are able to provide fast and accurate detection of potential electrical hazards and failures. This proactive approach allows you and your business to reduce business interruption costs, extend the life of your equipment and minimize both utility costs and life/safety risks.